Steve Basil
Keyboards, Bass, Guitar, Sequencing
Steve Basil is the the Rockaz youngest, whitest, and
most ballin member.  He started playing piano at age
5, which explains the skill with which his fingers tickle
the ivories. He is the group's keyboardist/organist
among other things. To him, a Rocka is someone
who will play with anyone, at any time, any style of
music. I think the thing that separates the Rockaz
from the rest is the musicianship that each member
possess, and the incredible group chemistry that
allows everyones particular skills with their own
instrument to shine through. Another large part of
what makes the Rockaz special is the versatility that
the group has, from reggae to latin to hip hop. Being
a Rocka is much more then just playing your
instrument well, it is about respecting the music and
keeping the integrity of the music, while rocking out
all together.

Steve is the musical brain behind Bedroc out of
Rochester NY.  Check out that project at: