Naheem Shabazz
Trombone, Guitar, Keyboards, Lyrics, Vocals
A rocka has to know that the music is only a
reflection of the collective, He treats himself as well
as others equally. A rocka looks for the simarilities  
in people not differences. He loves music because
music is him, open to change and current. My goal
to bring unity in the world through our diverse music
as well as ethnic, social and poltical backrounds
Musical backround: Graduate of Buffalo Academy
for the Visual and performing Arts,  Movers, Planet
steele, Strictly Riddim, The Great Train Robbery,
The  Rockas.
Influences: JJ johnson, Arturo Sandoval, Miles
Davis, Gypsy Kings, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley,
DAngelo, JamieFoxx, Erykah Badu and Laurynn Hill
Duties:Trombone, Riddim guitar, Vocals, song writer