David Malia
Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Dave's musical adventures have taken him from
classical to avant garde, hip hop to acid metal, funk
to punk, and back and forth across what many
consider diverse musical genres, what a Rocka
calls "The many tasty flava's!".  Although schooling
at Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing
Arts, University of Buffalo, Fredonia, the Cincinnati
Conservatory, and playing with The Great Train
Robbery, Lance Diamond, Strictly Riddim, Last
Conservative and many others, he considers
Rockaz to be the greatest form of ongoing
education- "It's music for all the right reasons, no
matter the situation". It's his goal to help everybody
find their inner Rocka by unleashing his outer
Rocka at any opportunity and his greatest
inspiration is a crowd moving to the same rhythm,
whatever that rhythm may be.

Dave doesn't remember everything that happened
before he was dropped off on the Rockaz
doorstep, but the note attached to the basket he
was in said "he's ready!" and he still firmly believes